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Tuesday 20 October 2020 01:36:38.30.
"Human Rights Council" will mandate the gay agenda upon all UN Member States. Drukuj Email
Wpisał: Austin Ruse   

"Human Rights Council" will mandate the gay agenda upon all UN Member States

Austin Ruse

September 7, 2016

Dear Friend of the Friday Fax,

I have become aware of a resolution that is coming to the UN General Assembly in just a few weeks. 

It is coming from the Human Rights Council in Geneva and will mandate the gay agenda upon the UN and upon all UN Member States. 

This is a dream-come-true for gay activists, to use the UN to impose their worldview on the whole world, even upon countries that do not want it. 

They have been trying this for as long as I have been doing this work; coming up on twenty years. For the most part, we have been able to stop the global imposition of gay marriage, gay adoption and all the rest. We have been able to stop their attempts to redefine the family. We have even been able to roll back anti-family pro-gay language. 

But this new threat is among the most dangerous that I have ever seen. 

Never before has there been a UN MANDATE upon governments related to the gay issue. NEVER. 

Whenever UN radicals have tried to advance the radical gay agenda, they have had to do it on their own and without UN authority. This new resolution, will give them that official authority. Believe me, they will use this new authority brutally. They will force even largely Christian countries to bow down to the new gay agenda. 

C-Fam is working closely with a number of UN Member States to stop this. We are working behind the scenes and practically all alone

I urge you to begin praying right now that we are able to stop this radical gay resolution from passing through the UN General Assembly. 

We ask you to pray that other pro-family groups join this fight, because we are told that many of them won’t: they think fighting the gay agenda is mean. 

We ask you to pray for major pro-family delegations to get involved. We are told that some of them are also reluctant to engage the gays. 

C-Fam has been practically alone many times before. We deeply regret it, but it will not give us pause. Neither will the inevitable attacks by the gay lobby scare us off. 

Please know that you have many friends at the UN who cry out for our help and yours. 



We do not have major donors. We do not have major foundations. We do not get government money. We rely exclusively on you. 

Today, tomorrow and all this week, I am going to be asking you for your prayers and your financial assistance. That is how important this fight against the gay resolution is that will be introduced at the UN. 

Please go to and give as much as you can. 

You have helped us so many times: making sure abortion is not a global right, making sure the family is not redefined, fighting back attacks on the Church at the UN. 

You and C-Fam have been central to so many fights. Well, here is one of the biggest. 

We are told that many delegations are being worn down by threats, and simple weariness. 

We met recently with such a delegation and by the end of the meeting, they were roaring to go, eager to fight back one more time. 

Let us know that you stand with us and with them by going to and supporting this vital and dangerous cause. 

Yours sincerely, 

Austin Ruse

PS The result of this fight will be known in the next 60 days.

Help us now. Please.

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