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01/08/2019 John Horvat <>

The City of Scottsdale, Arizona, is facing legal backlash because it refused to allow a Satanic invocation at the opening of one of its city council meetings.

This month, the Satanic Temple will continue its case against the City of Scottsdale to the U.S. District Court to force the city to allow their invocation.

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According to reports:

"A group of satanists have filed suit against the city of Scottsdale. They say this all stems from the city denying them a chance to give the invocation in 2016.

"The Satanic Tempe of Arizona is based out of Tucson, but says they have members in Scottsdale." (

Satanic invocations have no place in public offices, and the City of Scottsdale acted correctly in barring demonic influence from its city.

Sign the petition, thanking Scottsdale for opposing the advances of Satanism

This is all very good news.

The last two years have seen a rise in public Satanism as followers of the devil put up Satanic "Christmas" displays in at least three public venues throughout the nation. In each case, the leaders of the venues did nothing to halt the advances of the Father of Lies.

That is why we must support the City of Scottsdale in the face of threats from the Satanists, who are seeking to break down the barriers of horror society still has for the devil.

Please sign our petition, thanking the City of Scottsdale for opposing the advances of Satanism. Thank you!

I remain, John Horvat

Vice-President, Tradition, Family and Property (TFP)

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