The Interfaith Dialogue (oczami rabina)
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The Interfaith Dialogue


Commentary, November 2011, page 13


[pismo “neocons”, tj. tych amerykańskich Żydów trockistów, którzy przed laty zmienili hals z lewego na prawy – i dalej prowadzą grupy “christian sionists”. MD]


        THE universally re­vered scholar, Rav Pinchik the Wise, arrives with his son Mendel at the Vatican for the first in­terfaith meeting between a Jewish leader and the pope.

        They are greeted by the College of Cardinals. The cardi­nals form a single -file column that walks through the length of the Sistine Chapel and on to the papal apartments.

        They stop at an ornately gilded door. The pope's sec­retary opens it. The pope is sitting at an enormous desk inside. Pinchik takes a satchel from Mendel. He steps in. The door closes with an ominous clang.


        "Does the rabbi speak Italian?" the secretary asks Mendel. "Only Yiddish and Hebrew” says Mendel.

"Not even Latin?" asks the secretary. "How will they communicate?"

        After many hours, the door to the papal apartments opens and Pinchik hobbles out. The cardinals rush in, slamming the door behind them. They see the pope with red-rimmed eyes.

"I am profoundly shaken and moved” the Pope says. "What happened?" asks the papal secretary.

"I spoke to him in Italian, and he spoke back to me in a strange Germanic tongue” the pope says. "I spoke to him in Latin, and then he began issuing forth gut­tural sounds. Suddenly the Lord made me to under­stand Pinchik was speaking the language spoken by our Savior, and I wept."

        The cardinals are speechless.

"I knew we could not communicate in ordinary fash­ion, so I held up a single finger, to indicate that we both share a belief in the God who created the universe. And Pinchik held up two fingers and said something in our Savior's tongue I once again mystically understood to be 'God is both in heaven and on earth.' And I wept."

        Tears fill the eyes of the cardinals as well.

"Then” says the pope, "I put up my hand and made a circle, to say that despite our differences, we are one. And Pinchik put up both his hands and made circles out of them and said something in our Savior's tongue that I took to be, 'Yes, we are the same, but we will always be different’ And I wept:'

The cardinals weep as well.

"Then I reached to the table and took an orange, to say that God has gifted us with the sweet glories of the earth. And Pinchik reached into his satchel and took out a hard-boiled egg, which again I was told by our Lord meant that the gifts of God's creatures are not to be taken for granted. And I wept. This meetingwas one of the most deeply spiritual events of my life

"Oh, Heavenly Father” says the secretary, ''what a blessing!"


        Meanwhile, in the hallway, Pinchik and his son Mendel sit on a bench.

"Papa," asks Mendel, "what happened?"

        "What happened?" Pinchik says. "First he said something in gibberish, so I told him he was an idiot. Then he talked some more nonsense, so this time I told him he was an idiot in Hebrew! And I guess that hurt his feelings because he cried”

"He cried?"

"Then he got mad and he stuck up a finger like he was gonna poke my eye out, so I said, 'Oh yeah? I'll poke both your eyes out!' And he got scared and he cried again”

'Again with the crying?" Mendel asks.

''Yes, and he got mad again, and he put up his fist” Pinchik says. "So I put up my dukes and said, 'Don't threaten me, fella, I'll punch your lights out!' And you know what he did.”

"Cried” says Mendel. Pinchik nods. ”And then?" “And then?" says Pinchik. "Then he took out his lunch and I took out mine”

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