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Sunday 26 September 2021 12:39:28.40.

Niewolnik VAT-euszek o „karach” do UE: Mamy tu twarde stanowisko i stać nas na poniesienie finansowych kosztów tych absurdalnych i niesprawiedliwych względem obywateli Polski żądań.

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Niedawno Minister Pandemii zapowiadał czwartą falę - na przełom sierpnia i września. A według najnowszych wyliczeńma ona nas "zalać" w połowie listopada, gdy będą, jak co roku, słoty, przeziębienia,chrypki i grypki...


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Wpisał: Russell Grigg   

Stalin’s ape-man Superwarriors

[Czytałem książkę rosyjskiego autora (znanego- nazwiska nie pamiętam), mogła się pojawić po chwilowym otwarciu tajnych archiwów Biura politycznego w 1991 roku. Niestety- książka zanikła, w google nie potrafię znaleźć. Dlatego umieszczam dwa artykuły angielskie o krzyżówkach komsomołka- bonobo. W tych „doświadczeniach” wg. rosyjskiego autora brał jednak udział syn Akademika Ilya Ivanovich Iwanowa. Jako „honorowy dawca spermy”. To była część badań przeprowadzana w Gabonie, z pomocą francuskich marksistów - darwinistów. Druga część- z udziałem dorodnych komsomołek-  ochotniczek - miała miejsce na wybrzeżach Morza Czarnego.

Wg. Autora celem głównym jednak było dostarczanie „części zamiennych” dla starzejącego się Polit-biura. MD]


by Russell Grigg

Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin wanted to rebuild the Red Army, in the mid-1920s, with Planet-of-the-Apes-style troops by crossing humans with apes. This was according to a report in The Scotsman newspaper on 20 December 2005.1

The report claimed that Stalin ordered Russia’s top animal-breeding scientist, Ilya Ivanov, to use his skills to produce a super warrior. Stalin is said to have told Ivanov, ‘I want a new invincible human being, insensitive to pain, resistant and indifferent about the quality of food they eat.’2

In 1926, the Politburo in Moscow passed this request to build a ‘living war machine’ on to the Academy of Sciences, who engaged Ivanov and sent him to West Africa with many thousands of dollars to conduct experiments in impregnating chimpanzees by artificial insemination. In the USSR, a centre was set up in Georgia, Stalin’s birthplace, for the ‘apes’ to be raised.

Ivanov’s experiments in Africa were a total failure. Further experiments in Georgia to use monkey sperm in human volunteers also failed. Ivanov was now in disgrace. For his expensive failure, he was sentenced to five years’ jail, commuted to five years’ exile in Kazakhstan, where he died in 1932, aged 61.1

The authors of the above report do not give any references other than unspecified ‘recently uncovered secret documents’, ‘Moscow archives’ and ‘Moscow newspapers’.1 So how much truth is there in it?

Some known facts

According to Encyclopaedia Britannica3 and Wikipedia,4 Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov was born in Russia in 1870. He graduated from the Kharkov University in 1896 and became a full professor in 1907. A veterinary researcher, he perfected artificial insemination and its first use for horse breeding. This process allowed one stallion to fertilize up to 500 mares, far more than the 20–30 by natural means. These results were sensational for their time (c. 1901). He also pioneered the experimental use of artificial insemination to produce hybrids of domestic animals and their wild varieties.5 He was one of the first scientists to obtain a zorse6 by crossbreeding a zebra with a Przewalski’s horse.7

In 1910, he gave a presentation at the World Congress of Zoologists in Graz, Austria, on the possibility of creating a human-ape hybrid.8 In 1924, he obtained permission from the Pasteur Institute in Paris to use its experimental primate station in Kindia, French Guinea, for such an experiment. He sought backing for this from the Soviet Government. Finally in 1925 he obtained US$ 10,000 from the Academy of Sciences for his experiments in Africa.

It turned out that there were no sexually mature chimpanzees in Kindia, and so, in 1926, he obtained permission from French Guinea’s colonial governor to work at the botanical gardens in Conakry. Here Ivanov artificially inseminated three chimpanzees. All three failed to become pregnant. He returned to the Soviet Union, where further planned experiments also failed.

In 1930, Ivanov came under ‘political criticism’ during the ‘Great Purge’ and was arrested. He was sentenced to five years’ exile in Alma Ata, Kazakh S.S.R. (now Almaty, Kazakhstan), where he worked for the Kazakh Veterinary-Zoology Institute until his death from a stroke on March 20, 1932. The famous psychologist and dog researcher, Ivan Pavlov, wrote an obituary about him.


Stalin undoubtedly knew of his world-famous compatriot’s project. US$10,000 would have been an enormous sum in those days, and it would have been hugely prudent for anyone to have obtained ‘approval from the top’ before allocating so much on such a bizarre experiment. Dictator Stalin, a passionate atheist, based upon his belief in evolution,9 was quite capable of envisaging the use of the technology, should it prove successful, to produce slave hybrid warriors. And, because of his evolutionary materialism, he would have had no moral compunctions.10

But was he also ashamed to think that any hybrid creature produced with his own sperm would be his ‘child’?

Ivanov shared his master’s belief in evolution. If evolution were true, humans and apes would be closely related. So the idea that they could interbreed would not have seemed outlandish.11 In Africa, Ivanov did not use his own sperm (or that of his son, who was with him),4 but that of local natives.12 No doubt he believed the widely held Darwinian racist view that Africans were closer to apes in their ancestry than he, a Caucasian, was. But was he also ashamed to think that any hybrid creature produced with his own sperm would be his ‘child’?

From a biblical viewpoint, no such natural human-ape hybrid is possible. God made man in the image of God, not in the image of an ape. People have a spiritual dimension, involving our ability to worship God. God does not, and will not, share His likeness with an ape. Unlike our suggestion concerning Ivanov, God is not ashamed, but pleased, to be our Father and to call us His ‘children’13 when we put our faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as our Saviour from sin.

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