MEMy: Friday Funnies: Without Big Government – Who WOULD TAKE CARE of US?…

Friday Funnies: Without Big Government..

Who would take care of us?


Another great clip from Rita Panahi. This woman is on fire!
Sky News host bursts out laughing at ‘dimwitted lefties’ from The View

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“The Hunter gun indictment is the only crime unrelated to Joe Biden’s scandals, like a diversion tactic”. -A.F. Branco.

Yep! I read the indictment a while back and was like “WTF?” It is a nothing-burger. Hunter Biden bought a gun and signed a document that he wasn’t an addict, when at the time – he was. At the time, he was officially an “ex-addict” – so one would have to first convict him of drug charges and prove he was an addict to make these charges stick. Even then, it would be very difficult. So, these are just puffed up charges, all the while – the real crimes: which seem to include tax evasion, illegal lobbying, extortion, bribery, etc. get slow walked and are not prosecuted. Even more importantly are those crimes that involve both Hunter and Joe Biden, which are also being slow walked. Cute trick – if the DOJ can pull it off.

Sunday Strip: Compliance or Resistance -Choose Wisely my Friends. MEMy zza Oceanu

Sunday Strip: Compliance or Resistance –

Choose Wisely My Friends


Unfortunately, at this point all indicators are that justice is no longer blind. But time will tell in this case…

From the USA Herald:

The heart of the digital realm pulsates anxiously, as Google squares off against U.S. Justice Department claims that it established an illegal digital dominance by shelling out billions yearly to be the default search choice on iPhones, Mozilla browsers, and Verizon devices.

At the helm is U.S. District Judge Amit P. Mehta, who poignantly inquired during an April hearing, “If Google is so superior, why buy loyalty?”

The DOJ retaliated with a striking analogy, questioning why Google, after “crossing the Rubicon” of monopoly, should dictate search options for Apple and Mozilla. This battle of words meant that by the time the gavel sounded, Google was already on the back foot, unable to shake off the government’s allegations pre-trial.

The Echoes of the Past and Future Ripples

Born from a painstaking investigation culminating in an October 2020 complaint, the trial’s shockwaves could redefine the future digital landscape. It’s not just another lawsuit; it parallels the iconic government case against Microsoft and paves the way for subsequent antitrust battles aimed at tech titans like Meta Platforms Inc. and Inc.

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State Approved Propaganda About the Presidential Candidates! (On Rumble)

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Friday Funnies: Tastes funny – and it definitely isn’t chicken… – Nie bój się, otwieraj ! to MEMy..

and it definitely isn’t chicken…

Friday Funnies: Tastes Funny –

and it definitely isn’t chicken…


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North of Richmond – PARODY – Oliver Anthony (on Rumble)

I almost didn’t include this – because it is rude. So, if you are offended easily, don’t watch. 

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MEMy i anegdotka


Anegdotka księżowska, opowiedziana przez biskupa;

Trójca Święta, zmęczona ciągłym doglądaniem krnąbrnych ludzi, wybiera się na wakacje.

Bóg Ojciec mówi: wybieram Nową Zelandię, tam stworzyliśmy takie urocze góry, przełomy rzek, wulkany…

Jezus mówi: A ja pojawię się w Kanadzie, teraz tam są takie piękne bukowe lasy…

Duch Święty: Ja muszę do Rzymu, tak dawno już tam nie byłem…

Friday Funnies: Modern Life. MEMy.

Friday Funnies: Modern Life

Compliance is not mandatory…


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“Modern Life”

I tend to think of the early 1930s as a period of intense poverty in the USA due to “the depression” – but the images in the video above speak of the flip side. Just like any downturn so far in American history, there was a large portion of the middle class, a working class and an upper-middle class that was not affected. That people still had the same basic hopes and dreams. 

These mesmerizing images remind me that life almost 100 years ago wasn’t that much different than today. That the beauty of everyday America has not ceased to exist. That the heart of this great country is worth preserving.

The being a patriot is important. Collectively, “we” are the standard-bearers for the future.

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