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Saturday 08 August 2020 10:44:37.30.
Coup d'etat in Poland. The great East-West reshuffle and Gladio. Drukuj Email
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Coup d'etat in Poland. The great East-West reshuffle and Gladio.


Zezowaty Zorro9 września 2013

Nobody among serious observers of european geopolitical scene has any doubts about long-term painful consequences od changing realities on the ground in former East-block european countries.


Geopolitical background

First and foremost, they were consciously given as a gift to Stalin by the end of the war, contrary to the military logic of power potentials. The russian army, although reportedly victorious, was in no position to dictate the terms of the new, postwar order on the continent, yet in the treaty of Yalta got all it wanted, i.e. all of central-eastern Europe for its uncontested, mediocre and antihuman, bolshevist rule. What was even more puzzling, was the fact, that this great historical concession was practically guaranteed by relentless scheming and pressure of the weakest of the allies, i.e. London in odious person of Churchill. The man whose whole army could be obliterated by the moustached teutonic corporal in Dunkirk mere two years prior, by the war's end effectively dictated the Goliath american military monster the terms of their victory and gave uncle Joe all he wanted and then some.

Just try to logically explain this riddle, without recourse to hidden forces and agendas, my dear Watson!

When the communist rule was rearranged on the continent and in the soviet Moscow central in the '90s, during planned demolition [make no mistake about it, it was controlled and meticulously preplanned], the eastern block countries started their journey in the general direction of long craved normalcy, in their eyes embodied by European Union and NATO. This process successfully finished and implemented by now, we can clearly see, that the whole economic concept of the Union was flawed from the start, being only a vehicle of forced political unification, using financial and banking weapons in place of former military force, but the aim of this economic war of conquest remaining the same as always – one european power, meaning planned obsolescence of national countries.

The EU resembles more and more the soviet model by each passing day, because it is founded on the same, international, revolutionary principles, guiding the French revolution. The economical center of the new political organism lies undoubtedly in Frankfurt, and its power derives from the debt, crushing now all the peripheries, at the forefront having Greece and Cyprus.

In the process of digestion of the newly reconquered states of the former eastern block, whereas their peoples thought of liberation from Moscow's clutches, in reality the logic of european accession entailed only a smooth economic enslavement, where all national economical sovereignty was promptly dismantled and the population taken hostage into merciless, but bountiful shackles of credit. The initial enthusiasm of the first wave of prosperity, engendered by the opening of floodgates of credit, is long gone. Now comes the time of painful readjustment to reality, where the whole Union already reached the boundaries of growth, coming from opening of the new and plentiful [in consumers starved for consumers goods during decades of moonlike communist economy] playgrounds.
In the broad plan, from the east comes in the meantime new wave of russian resurgence, reasserting its primacy over its so called sphere of influence. Russia now repositions itself after painful dismantling of the soviet empire and slowly, but surely rebuilds a new carbon copy of its former self, what should come as no surprise to any student of history, because their prevailing geopolitical interests remain the same through centuries, meaning continuous and relentless drive to subjugation, overt or covert, of all adjoining countries in the so called sphere of influence. It is not a matter of fashion or choice. It is a matter of fact, logical grand strategy of survival on the great, open euro-asiatic landmass. Like it or not, it is here to remain, with Putin long gone from the scene. His part, played now on the grand chessboard makes this all obvious for careful observer, but in lack of Putin any head of russian state will travel the same general route, because the strategy remains constant. Even communist commisars remained faithful in this respect, founding and cultivating soviet empire on it, with assorted embellishments of course, but the core tsarist principles of grand strategy remaining unchanged.

As Zbigniew Brzezinski so fittingly defines in his books, Poland lies as a pivot, between two tectonic plates – great Asian plate, to the north ruled by Russia, and european peninsula to the west, comprised now of European Union. He who rules the central Asia, rules the world, because the world cannot live without its resources, but he who rules the pivot, rules by extension the central Asia. Therefore it is vital for the ruler of the world to conquer and subjugate Poland, not for its own sake, but for its geopolitical role.

The true depth of importance of this statement is really hard to overestimate and surely not for history of Poland. It is no wonder though, that this obvious by closer scrutiny statement of actual geopolitical fact, is wider unknown to the public and even official history researchers, as though the obvious realities were something from outer space, hard to fathom and observe. On the contrary, every plan of world domination, i.a. NWO, knows the above statement is true, which fact can be checked in relevant literature, but beware! - it is strictly conspiratorial theory, dealing exclusively with conspiracy plans.

It is no coincidence, that Brzezinski speaks and writes in his everyday work in polish, living already for over half a century in America. He even writes his books in Polish, what follows unmistakably from mistranslations of specific polish idioms! This discovery was first striking for me, but carefully considered it is only logical, judging by the Brzezinski's biogram. Why should an internationalist use the language of his childhood, living in internationalist environment par excellence, all of his adult life, as an eminence grise of foreign diplomacy of american empire? Make no mistake, the man writes books formulating the grand strategy of the empire. He does it … in polish. Why? Because he decided to retain and use the language, knowing it is vital for him. He oversees the pivotal territory on behalf of the empire. That's why.

Poland the great

It is no coincidence, that Brzezinski cultivates his mother language. He uses it constantly in his line of work, international politics, where the lines are drawn, obediently toed by the so called elected representatives. As you are well aware the lingua franca of this contemporary world is business English. Why then polish – you would like to know - is Poland so big an international player? Not in the least. Not any more. But once it was a regional power, historically speaking not so long ago. And, as Stratfor's chairman George Friedman objectively observes, has all the earmarks for the once and again revived regional power, sitting between tectonic plates, but also controlling vital region, locked between Nord/Baltic seas and Black Sea, so called Intermarium. This pivot is the key to Eurasia, because the power controlling it [effectively, it does not even have to be formalized, it can be a backdoor deal, backed by overpowering financial blackmail in place of military might] has the veto power over any great eurasian project.

It was polish king Sobieski in person, who stopped the Ottoman onslaught towards nord, on the battlefield on the outskirts of Vienna. Did you not know? You should remember, because otherwise there would be no Germany by now. By the way, coffee was launched in Europe by the polish victors of this battle, brewed from the beans looted on abundant and luxurious turkish supplies – in this very battle of Vienna, so do not tell me it is irrelevant today. You do not drink coffee? Just check recent quotations and market cap of Starbucks, to see, how much this little fact can be worth in today's world.

Poland was the only country, that conquered Kremlin actually and installed there own tsar, for a short time, but nevertheless worthwhile. It was a nadir of russian history and a very meaningful moment, for the current events too. You probably have the tick of disbelief at this seemingly incongruous statement. How should a long bygone and forgotten feasts from the past have any practical meaning in our modern day and age?

Yet it obviously has some pretty actual and meaningful impact, otherwise why should president Putin name the anniversary of defeat of polish troops on Kremlin the Day of Independence, a national holiday? The historical rivalry between Poland and Russia seems well alive then contemporaneously, because it is following the unyielding cold logic of geopolitics. Russia has to subjugate Poland for its imperial safety and Poland has to fight the eternal rival for own survival.

In these circumstances is it any wonder that the second world war was unleashed in Poland - on the buffer territory between two rival powers, each dreaming of its own empire, unifying Eurasia? Not at all. By the same token I postulate, that the current world war, already well advanced in several theaters, i.a. in Middle east/ North Africa, started on April 10 2010, with decapitation of polish elite, by the side of the president comprising general staff of the army and leading parliamentarians from presidential party. The war is on, and once again at stake is the „great project” - rulership over Eurasia.

Why is it so quiet on the cemetery?

If anyone doubts that any such brazen coup is nowadays feasible, one needs only to remember, how many officials from abroad came to president Kaczynski's funeral: apart from Russians, virtually none. In diplomatical parlance it means only one thing – an obvious hoax, because the deceased was not an outcast to be so blatantly and unanimously offended.

Modern wars, as written above, are nowadays fought in „developed economies” by economic and financial means, leaving the classic, kinetic hot warfare for the local conflicts and raw materials suppliers – to rearrange them politically, destroying in passing infrastructure and competitive industry, redistributing drilling rights and rebuilding contracts to friends, all the while making quick buck on the military hardware sales, so was the opening of the third world war in Poland, not an act of hot war, but a quiet internal coup d'etat. The head of state allegedly perished during official visit on board of military plane, but there was no independent inquiry and all we have for proof is a bunch of heavily faked imagery. No material proofs of the alleged crash were presented by Russians, literally none.

The coup was prepared, orchestrated and perpetrated internally, in Poland. There are many examples of successful operations of this sort in recent history, so it is no use denying the operational possibility. What is really remarkable, is international silence surrounding the coup. There were no visible reactions to it, although there was tremendous risk involved: in the alleged crash in Russia perished military jet, belonging to NATO state. It meant an unequivocal act of war, if only one official, anywhere in Poland raised alarm. But nothing of the sort happened.

The inescapable logical conclusion from this fact leads to an uneasy alternative: either NATO intelligence was aware of preparations, instrumental and complicit and did not intervene afterwards or was not aware of the whole, knowing only some details [any large scale operation cannot be completely blacked out, so some sort of leakage in preparatory stage is unavoidable, western intelligences got some blurred pre-advice for sure].

Both cases are indeed very troubling, because they mean that all the trumped up alliances are pretty useless in a practical situation and are used then an only then, when suitable. On this particular occasion the coup was successful because of international blackout, although some sort of advance leakage – as noted above – is unavoidable in this day and age of all encompassing surveillance PRISM.

The targeted polish military and political elite, removed by the coup, was not alerted by the allied intelligences, otherwise the coup were not successful. This means that some international actor was active in preparations, operations and most importantly afterwards in mediation. The identity of this mysterious actor remained hidden for long months, but through various forced interactions in the wake of this historical event of primary importance, shines through to the surface.

Most obvious and undeniable logically is active and leading role of Moscow in the coup perpetrated in Poland. It follows from the political change, bringing about immense resurgence of their known and previously unknown assets in polish politics and economy, at the highest, commanding level. Immediately after the coup whole swaths of strategic energy policies were fundamentally changed, i.a. the long term contract for russian gas deliveries, for which Poland pays now highest prices in Europe, if not the world, although being the EU customer closest to the source.

The obvious active participation of Russia is proven by the fact, that the alleged crash occurred on their soil and their administration now leads the inquiry into it, with no active collaboration on polish or some international organization's part. The Russians proceed at their discretion, as they see fit, because polish administration chose not to apply bilateral treaty, covering military aircraft crashes and not to participate on equal basis standing in jointly led inquiry. Polish administration chose not to immediately take possession of the crash site after the alleged crash and even did not send there professional prosecutors and rescue teams, routinely sent on such occasions. In fact, it stopped them from performing their tasks. The administration did not apply for readily available and waiting on standby international help – from specialized organizations, in which Poland is a participant, or from military NATO channels. All incoming assistance offers were turned down, most notably the ones from allied intelligence services: CIA and BND. They had undoubtedly intelligence prior to the acts, and all electronic and satellite imagery of the alleged crash site, needed to disentangle the enigma: what really happened in Smolensk and produce proof of it.

All the actions of polish administration after the coup prove the first hypothesis coming to mind, that it was not only accessory to the crime, helping in its planning, preparations and execution at the least through willful ignorance, turning a blind eye to it, otherwise it would not be possible to catch the highest figures of the military and politics unawares, the counterintelligence measures, normally effective [NATO compliant] being purposefully blinded and worked around, but more importantly – after the fact, methodically stalling and paralyzing all initiatives aiming at researching the true nature of happenings in Smolensk Russia on April 10th.

That much leaves only one unknown factor in the great game, the third partner in the coup. The obvious being Russia [filming plan, so called location for the shots], the interested one, providing the political and institutional cover during and consuming the gains after, being obviously acting administration in Warsaw.

 The third, and most mysterious one, is the actor mediating between Washington, Moscow, NATO and Berlin, making sure, that no alarm is raised during preparations and after the coup, although allied intelligences had all needed knowledge most probably in advance and assuredly, as follows from their official steps, afterwards. NATO was conspicuously inactive. Somebody had to have control of this inactivity, because it speaks literally volumes about current geopolitical situation.

The globalist international

The identity of mysterious third party was revealed by circumstantial evidence only gradually and very reluctantly, but the quality of evidence is crucial for the matter. Firstly it was Brzezinski of all people, who immediately after the alleged aircrash, already in the evening on the very day publicly voiced his deep hope, that from this very unhappy experience both nations – polish and russian – will come strengthened through reconciliation. He stressed this hopeful reconciliation on multiple occasions, so there can be no doubt as to his intentions. The globalist international wants unequivocally some sort of rapprochement between Poland and Russia, what can practically only mean return of Poland to the role of subordinate in the rebuilt russian empire, taken into account recent history of nearly two hundred years of russian occupation, in one form or another, of more than half of ethnically and/or culturally dominated by polish element territory, interspersed with short period of independence.

The august geopolitics insider did not elaborate on obvious idiocy of his hopes of reconciliation, lacking any factual footing. On what principle should the families of perished reconcile with the Russians? If it was only an accident, there would be nothing to forgive and no reconciliation needed. If – on the contrary – there was no accident, no reconciliation was possible, as long as all the culprits were not hanged. So what reconciliation was Brzezinski talking about? Reconciliation of the victim with the executioner, war victim with aggressor? Poland did not attack, occupy or subjugate Russia in the last 300 years, it was the other way around. Poles perished allegedly in Smolensk, Russia. What have Poles to reconcile with Russians about? I beg to differ strongly on this point with Brzezinski and argue, that any rational person have to admit, that hoping and scheming for such an reconciliation as that – in light of recalled historical record - is per definition a traitor in practical sense or a person deeply misguided morally as the best possibility.

What makes the message of globalist international more poignant is the swiftness, with which the reconciliatory order of the day for the indigenous population was delivered, demonstrating in crass confrontational style the internationalist identity of the third actor. This supposition was further strengthened last year, when Brzezinski visibly angered with resurfacing, tenacious theories, that the alleged crash was no accident, called during widely aired tv interview independent researchers, arguing the attempt theory, odious names. Ostensibly the propaganda machine did not work as expected and the boss had to correct the benighted sheep personally.

Third actor and Gladio


The final practical proof of the covert identity of the third actor was revealed by the strange suiciding of special air services general Petelicki last year. This was another in a series of deaths in the aftermath of the coup d'etat, totalling now in several dozens of prominent people. This phenomenon is so pervasive and blatant, that earned a brand name „serial suicide”. Routinely the reported suicide takes place over the weekend, autopsy is performed on Monday, giving enough time for evaporation of special chemicals used and to synchronise narrative versions. The victim is in perfect health and good mood, in perfect harmony with business associates and family, yet abruptly ends his life, with no notes, no explanation and no witnesses. The case of gen. Petelicki was peculiar on several accounts, one of them being the fact, that he was suicided during much publicized football match, taking place nearby.

There are much more peculiarities, meaning of which I deciphered in my recent article. You most probably are not acquainted with the name Petelicki. Making long story short, there was much more to him, that meets the eye. Apart from being a general of green berets Petelicki was the head of polish Gladio network, secret stay-behind army trained in subversion techniques, terror and political overthrows. This is probably a new concept to you, but – as I prove in the article – such clandestine, military networks operate in all NATO countries, as publications of Danielle Ganser, Sybille Edmonds and official European Parliament proceedings on multiple counts, occasions and demonstrations show, and there is possibly no reason that such a network should not be built in Poland. On the contrary: not only Gladio network was built, but it was essentially a precondition to joining the NATO.

Otherwise it would not be possible to effectively control the newly integrated country, taken into account its substantial territory, population and – most importantly – penetration with foreign, adversary agents, mostly Russians, left behind after the Red Army happily repatriated to the homeland a couple of years previously.

General Petelicki furthermore was still active and – thank to his duties – enjoyed [probably not] obligatory security cover 24/7, yet died in the garage of his apartment block. Obviously to remove this combat professional at home some insider help and info was needed, but that is beside the point of present topic. What I found peculiar, strange and extraordinary in Petelicki's activities, that were doubtfully the immediate cause of his demise, was his recent political activism. His death smacks of personal vendetta on the part of premier minister, whom in the wake of Smolensk debacle general on multiple occasions: in letters, interviews, press articles and regular PR campaigns, mounted through modest, but visible political grouping, moderated by Petelicki, relentlessly castigated for inept, unpatriotic, deceitful and malicious proceedings in the case of Smolensk, in a word – a step short of charging openly of treason. What is more peculiar to this activity is the fact, that being a general of special forces, operating usually in secret and without much publicity on the one hand and knowing that general was quicker with his hand and pistol, than his literary wits, on the other, recent political activism seems really astounding.

The only reasonable reconciliation of all the obvious discrepancies, especially in view of his staged suicide, can be found after carefully examining his role as polish Gladio commander. Firstly recent political activity of the general is serious proof of NATO being not involved in the coup, otherwise Petelicki would be involved in it, at least indirectly and by extension needing no additional intelligence and political action. Secondly, if he jeopardized his secret career, acting in the field of political activism, which on its own is a noteworthy peculiarity, means that it had to be in the interest of this secret military career, in other words his NATO bosses wanted him to do some research and/or exert political pressure on the administration. Had NATO workable information and resources needed, it would not send Petelicki on tv tour, but to covert action [attempts, bombs etc.], having so painstakingly and with enormous cost built Gladio network, it looks like an awful waste for his talents.

From the above follows, that the coup d'etat was so artfully crafted, that even the supersecret, best unit, specifically maintained by NATO outside official oversight for such occasions, was not able not only to prevent the coup d'etat, but in its wake was unable to gather workable intelligence, so being forced to send the boss on publicity and political campaign. This was cut short by the adversary through routine serial suicide, because no secret in this world remains tight for ever, especially for motivated, ambitious and resourceful professionals like Petelicki and it was only a matter of time for him to regain some lost ground.

There is some good news in all this gloom and doom though. The positive message from this polish Gladio unmitigated disaster, as it seems to me to be now, is following. NATO is on collision course with Russia and does not like its resurgence a bit. What is more, the military alliance probably sees clearly the corrosive and incalculable risks involved in irresponsible, outright lunatic actions of the globalist international faction, as shown in Petelicki's case. If they are not, or worse – what cannot be excluded from the picture – complicit at the highest level, we are all doomed, because the worst lunatics are guarding the asylum by now.


Strap your belts, folks. The war is on. It is real.


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