Friday Funnies: Mobius Strip

Friday Funnies: Mobius Strip

The wheels on the bus go round and round…


American citizen and writer Gonzalo Lira died in a Ukrainian jail sometime in 2024. The Zelensky regime jailed him for nothing more than using his free speech and videotaping what he was seeing in Ukraine. The Biden administration did nothing to get him out or publicize his plight. 

The state-controlled media (MSM) has run a few minor stories about his death, which were actually hit pieces. They label him as “pro-Russian” (actually, he was anti-war), a not serious person – if if that was a good enough reason for his death. 

He used to be a writer for Business Insider – but they have removed almost all of his articles.

Basically, his life and information on his death are being re-written by the state sponsored media to portray him as a villain and/or “they” are removed rapidly from the internet. Imagine that…

Instead, judge for yourself.

You can read his last tweets…

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Damon Imani – well played!

(Yes, this is a parody)

In December, I was in London to testify in the U.K. Parliament. While there, Brian Rose of London Real interviewed me. Here is a clip of that interview, which is titled: Deep State Propaganda & Our Fight For Freedom. The full interview can be found on the London Real website.

“Your time is up.” 

The Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts’ message to the self-appointed global elites at Davos 

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