Friday Funnies: Trusted News and Poison Ivy. MEMy zza Oceanu.

Friday Funnies: Trusted News and Poison Ivy

The Ministry of Truth will see you now. You better be good, ’cause Santa Klaus is coming to town.


This actually happened….  right in the middle of his COP speech. Never forget, you are the carbon they want to reduce. Now about cow farts….. 

NY Post: “John Kerry might need to cut back on his own emissions. The Biden administration’s climate envoy was discussing US policy on coal power plants at the Climate Change Conference in Dubai on Sunday when Kerry may have unleashed a burst of wind energy. The former secretary of state was speaking next to Becky Anderson, managing editor of CNN Abu Dhabi, and Fatih Birol, executive director of the International Energy Agency, when a Bronx cheer suddenly erupted midsentence. “There shouldn’t be any more coal-fired power plants permitted anywhere in the world,” Kerry began before launching into an anti-coal diatribe. “I find myself getting more and more militant because I do not understand how adults who are in a position of responsibility can be avoiding responsibility for taking away those things that are killing people on a daily basis…” Before Kerry can complete his thought, the crude sound of passing gas can be heard over the microphone. The crowd breaks into applause, apparently oblivious to the crude theatrics.”

The Elon Musk effect….

Jill Biden’s ‘Hunger Games aesthetic’ White House Christmas video was a fright to behold – it also promoted a dance troop of far-left activists. From the Daily Mail.

The dancing troupe commissioned by First Lady Dr. Jill Biden for a Christmas video are Black Lives Matters activists who promote far-left policies, including defunding the police. 

Dorrance Dance, a tap dancing troupe from New York City, performed a ‘playful’ interpretation of The Nutcracker Suite through the halls of the White House

The group openly support controversial activist group Black Lives Matter as well as advocating on their website for ‘prison abolition’. 

The ‘take action for justice [and] change’ section of Dorrance Dance encourages readers to sign petitions in support of defunding the Minneapolis Police Department, defund and redistribute the NYPD and ‘get them out of public schools.’

Additionally, the organization pushes website users toward the organization Critical Resistance, which ‘seeks to build an international movement to end the prison industrial complex (PIC) by challenging the belief that caging and controlling people makes us safe.’ 

One link on the dance company’s website is to a pro-Palestinian site which uses the phrase ‘From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will Be Free!”

The dance website also pushes visitors to join their local Black Lives Matter or Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) chapters.

For those that haven’t seen the video, here it is (personally, I had a hard time watching it):

Frankly, this video is obscene. 

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