NWO: Bilderberg Meeting is Taking Place in Washington for the First Time.

Amy Mek June 3, 2022 https://rairfoundation.com/new-world-order-bilderberg-meeting-is-taking-place-in-washington-for-the-first-time/

Many believe that the meeting’s participants will be chosen to implement a “new world order” which globalists have openly bragged about for years.

One of the most influential gatherings in the world is now taking place in Washington, DC. More than 120 representatives of the European and North American elite from politics, business, big tech, media, and academia will meet from June 2nd to 5th for the 68th Bilderberg Meeting to discuss important global issues.

The secret summit of the global elite is taking place for the first time in three years due to Covid. Journalist Paul Watson reports:

The CEO of Pfizer, the head of the CIA, the director of the NSC, the vice president of Facebook, the king of Holland, and the secretary-general of NATO are secretly meeting behind closed doors in DC. It’s called Bilderberg, and not a single major media outlet has reported on it.

Key topics of discussion this year include:

  • Geopolitical realignment
  • NATO Challenges
  • China
  • Indo-Pacific Realignment
  • Technological competition between China and the USA
  • Russia
  • Continuity of government and economy
  • Disruption of the global financial system
  • Disinformation
  • Energy security and sustainability
  • Health after a pandemic
  • Fragmentation of democratic societies
  • Trade and deglobalization
  • Ukraine

This year’s guests include Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, Henry Kissinger, former CIA chief David Petraeus, former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, and billionaire venture capitalist Peter Theil.

Theil sits on the elite Steering Committee that organizes the closed-door Bilderberg conferences where leaders in industry, politics, and academia meet to discuss world affairs. This committee decides who will be in attendance. Every year fresh invitations are sent.

Influential politicians and business leaders who have attended the Bilderberg conference include former US President Bill Clinton, businessman, former Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, Henry Kissenger the 56th United States Secretary of State has attended over 16 times, and International Monetary Fund Director Christine Lagarde.

The conference, created by the Dutch royal family in 1954, is considered to be the birthplace of ideas ranging from free trade agreements such as NAFTA to the creation of the European Union.

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