They want to ELIMINATE 7 billion people.[I to już robią].

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This is an election year in the US. In normal times, an election is the moment when ordinary people can take back control of their nation’s destiny.  
But these are not normal times. 
Across the globe, men and women are waking up to the alarming truth that governments no longer serve God or the people. 
At LifeSiteNews we are committed to bringing you the unvarnished truth about world affairs, the truth that the mainstream media will never give you. Truth is what we live for; it’s the air we breathe. 
And the truth of what humanity is facing is horrifying.  
Globalist elites are hellbent on using the power of national governments to carry out a worldwide cull of human beings.  
They are pledged to bring the world population down from nearly eight billion people to just one billion.  
That’s right: according to these plans, seven billion people must go. 
Will you or your children be among them? 
You might think that this can’t possibly be true. But the one billion limit is no secret.
Look at these recent words from Dennis Meadows, one of the authors of Limits of Growth, the 1972 manifesto for global depopulation, sponsored by the Club of Rome: 
 We are going to have a billion people… we have to get back down… That’s what lies ahead.   
The man who said these words knows exactly what they have in store for us.  
The Club of Rome is an elite globalist outfit, founded in 1968, and dedicated to making sure that billions of people – like you and me – don’t have a future. 
Here is what Meadows foresees for you and your family: 
– Epidemics 
– Revolutions  
– Dictatorships 
– A lower standard of living. 

Radical climate scientist Hans Schellenhuber, who was appointed to the Pontifical Academy of Science in 2014, has echoed the one billion level. The “carrying capacity of the planet”, he has said, may be “below 1 billion people”.  
Nearly a century ago, H. G. Wells, an early advocate of a globalist eugenic state, put it starkly: Those swarms of blacks, and brown, and dirty-white, and yellow people … will have to go. 
They avoid that language today. But their goal is unchanged. 
They will do this by coercing and shaming men and women into having fewer children, and they will seek to kill those that they deem surplus to requirements.  
Since the time of H.G Wells, they have killed more than ONE BILLION BABIES in the most horrendous mass killing in human history.  
As the world population continues to grow, they desperately need to up the killing if they are to achieve their goal.  
But globalists see only a surplus population to be culled and hundreds of millions of dollars to be made. The sight of large families and young children leaves their hearts cold.  
LifeSiteNews is on the frontline of this global abortion battle.
LifeSiteNews has the data and analysis exposing the Globalist Goliath’s real agenda.  
But we need your support to get this information out before it’s too late. 
The urgent need to repel the global depopulation assault compels me to write to you with deep passion and concern at the beginning of our annual Spring Campaign.  
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Because there can be no doubt, the globalists are out to kill. 
In 2020 they revealed their hand like never before. All across the world: They imprisoned us in our homes.They closed our churches. They imposed a deadly abortion-tainted vaccine. They broke up families.  They destroyed jobs and made us poorer.   Their goal is a world that is depopulated, impoverished, and enslaved. No decent person wants to see this future.  
But the globalists have always relied on the mainstream media to make sure that ordinary people never even suspected the scale or the wickedness of their plan.  
But something has changed. The mainstream media has lost its monopoly on information.  
LifeSiteNews is getting the truth out to millions of people worldwide.  
We tell you what the establishment media is desperate to hide. We give you the information that the politicians don’t want you to have. We give you the tools that you need to fight back. 
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LifeSiteNews has been exposing the globalist agenda for nearly thirty years. We have been mocked as “conspiracy theorists,” but we have always been vindicated because we have always told the truth.  
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There is a saying: “Great is the truth, and it prevails.” All human history testifies to this fact.  
This is why the forces of evil always use censorship – it is the only thing that buys them a little more time.  
That is why today we are under threat from censorship like never before. 
When the globalist WEF met at Davos this January, the priority for the world’s most powerful people was how to stop people like you and me from sharing the truth with each other.  
European Commission (EC) President Ursula von der Leyen told her WEF collaborators that the “top concern” is “disinformation and misinformation.” 
This means that they fear the truth – and those who tell it – more than anything else.  
EC Vice President for Values and Transparency, Vera Jourová also told Davos delegates:  
  “[The EU is] focusing on improving the system where the people will get the facts right. We don’t speak about opinions. We are not correcting anyone’s opinions or language. Yeah? This is about the facts.”  
This is straight out of Orwell’s 1984.  
They will make us get their facts right. The truths dearest to our hearts – the truths about God, life and family – will be ruthlessly suppressed as just opinions. 
Because they know that when we tell the truth, we win.  
That’s why they want to strip LifeSiteNews of our ability to raise money and reach our audience. 
Internews President and CEO Jeanne Bourgault told her fellow WEF collaborators:  
 “Disinformation makes money and we need to follow that money… A lot of those dollars go to pretty bad content. So you can work really hard on exclusion lists or inclusion lists just to really try to … focus their ad dollars toward the good news and information. The accurate and relevant news and information.”  
Make no mistake. This is about cutting off truthful media, and returning to the domination of globalist-controlled media outlets.  
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This is only the beginning of the struggle. 
There are more dangers ahead than those behind us. And we need your financial support to build strength for the battles ahead.  
Here are some the dangers immediately on the horizon: 
– The 2024 US election will decide who governs the most powerful nation on earth. Bad results could mean a massive advance for the globalist forces of death. 
– World War III is closer than ever as flashpoint conflicts continue in Ukraine and the Middle East. 
– Infiltration by globalists is turning once Catholic bodies – like the Pontifical Acadamies of Science and Life – into new battalions for Satan’s war against life. 
– A massive worldwide push for euthanasia will make end-of-life murder as common as abortion. The elderly, disabled, and even the depressed are in immediate danger. 
– The extension of the abortion killing fields to Africa is imminent unless we take urgent action now. 
– Deadly new censorship attempts could take down pro-life, pro-family media for ever.  
These are unprecedented times. The sky grows darker. Your support of LifeSiteNews is needed TODAY! 
At the beginning of World War II, Winston Churchill issued this warning: 
 If we fail, then the whole world… including all that we have known and cared for, will sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted science.  
What he said then is even more true now. We cannot afford to lose this fight. 
If LifeSiteNews can continue to spread the truth, there is hope for humanity.  
We can bring the light of truth to people’s hearts and minds. And we can flourish again in freedom, prosperity, and the knowledge of God. 
If LifeSiteNews fails in our mission to spread the truth – and without your support we will fail – then Churchill’s warning will come to pass. We will enter a new dark age, and none of us will live to see its end.  
They want to eliminate 7 billion people. Will you and I be among them? 
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