UN Conference on Climate Change Melts Down!

12/20/2023 :
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I have a very exciting lineup for today. The first article in on the COP28 eco-conference in Dubai last week, which some say was a great success. The problem is it was a massive failure! These eco-summits produce only two things—more eco-summits and carbon emissions. It is time to phase them out. Read the article below for more details.
Can’t We Phase Out Climate Change Instead?
The next item is about a war that is going on and nobody is noticing. Islamic vandals are attacking the Church in France! Decapitated holy statues, broken stained glass windows and personal attacks on priest and worshipers are now common. Please read the following article to find out more:
Why are people ignoring the Slow-Motion Jihad that Rages Inside France?
Everyone has to follow the rules if they are involved in the world of finance. There is only one big exception: China. To find out how Wall Street is betraying itself and America in China right now, read the following article:
How Wall Street Betrays Itself and America in ChinaPhotoUntil next time, I remain
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