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Sunday 31 May 2020 06:57:50.29.
Zeznania i wyznania pharma-zbira (ang.) Drukuj Email
Wpisał: Dr. John Rengen Virapen   

Zeznania i wyznania pharma-zbira (ang.)


Pharma Whistleblower Dr. John Virapen Speaks Out


[Przesłane przez prof. Majewską md]

By Anne Dachel age of autism October 1, 2014

Listen to this seven minute video about the ethics of the drug industry: Big Pharma Exec Turned Whistleblower, Dr. John Rengen Virapen 

Dr. John Rengen Virapen, former Eli Lilly & Co. executive, who decided to quit and speak out about Big Pharma's method of profiting from chronic illness, after 35 years of being in the business, saying, "My hands are as dirty as theirs," as he admits bribing Swedish officials to approve of Prozac.

On the video: "The press works also with the pharma industry just like the government does.  The pharma companies use the media to implant this dirty work on you.  Don't take for granted  what your doctor is telling you because the doctors these days, they don't know much about medicine and they don't care much about the patients.  They think about how much they can get paid.  This is how the pharma industry reigns, stays in power, they buy the doctors. They pick them up when they're in medical school. . .  I know because when I was a salesman, the pharma company used to tell me, 'Never talk side effects.' . . . I also know they hide the dangerous side effects because I was in charge of a clinical study. . ."

Virapen wrote a book: Side Effects: Death. Confessions of a Pharma-Insider

"I bribed a Swedish professor to enhance the registration of Prozac in Sweden." -John Virapen Pharmaceutical companies want to keep people sick.

They want to make others think that they are sick. And they do this for one reason: money. Did you know: * Pharmaceutical companies invest more than 35,000 Euro (over $50,000) per physician each year to get them to prescribe their products? *

Cover says he was the general manager of Eli Lilly Sweden.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of 
The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which is on sale this Fall from Skyhorse Publishing.

In Italy the death toll following the flu jab (reported by Patricia below) is now 13. Naturally, the manufacturers are claiming the deaths are 'coincidental', and are not connected with the vaccine.

Here's the website to another whistle-blower, Gwen Olsen:


"Everyone is at risk of a prescription drug tragedy:
Gwen offers an insider’s knowledge of dangers from the pharmaceutical industry. Her poignant autobiographical journey through the darkness of mental illness and the catastrophic consequences that lurk in medicine cabinets around the country offers an honest glimpse into alarming statistics and a health care system ranked last among nineteen industrialized nations worldwide. As a former sales rep for Pharma, Gwen learned firsthand how an unprecedented number of lethal drugs are unleashed onto an unsuspecting public."

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