Boycott Genocide Supporters

Boycott Genocide Supporters

inminds 5 December 2023

Israel is committing genocide right now, openly in front of the world. Our governments are refusing to support a ceasefire to end the genocide, instead they are cheer leading the slaughter, providing arms and political cover so that Israel can continue exterminating Palestinians with impunity. As of today (4th Dec 2023) over 15,000 Palestinians have been killed, most of them (70%) are women and children.

We must act now, to do whatever we can to oppose this genocide. One of the easiest things to do is to boycott those that support genocide.

There are many companies that support Israel and deserve to be boycotted, but this list of companies we have researched below are particularly despicable in that they have ramped up their support for Israel, often specifically for the military, whilst it commits genocide in front of their eyes.

Please share the electronic version (4 images below – right-click on them and select ‘save image’) on social media, your whatsapp groups, with family and friends.

We have launched this campaign jointly with the Islamic Human Rights Commission. The list is also available as a printed leaflet from IHRC, for for distribution in your local communities. To order your free printed leaflets contact with your address and the number of leaflets that you want.