Davos Bacchanal Redux. Marxism + Fascism + Greta = GLOBALISM

Davos Bacchanal Redux

It’s Davos Day!


“Rebuilding Trust” is the recycled and rather threadbare Davos theme for 2024. 

Despite the theme of rebuilding trust, for those individuals on the Davos “nice” list – you know, those ever so special invitees with the coveted formal invitations, there seems to be sense of sneaking about. Is it because that distinct stink of elitist globalism can’t be washed off? No matter how clean the Alpine air and snow of Davos, a stench of impending failure and dirty laundry wafts off the globalists. It permeates the very air.

But maybe it is all those expensive call girls hanging about at Davos, that makes the WEF so elusive about that general attendee list. After all, the Demi-Gods of the world like to preach world equity, yet their appetite for high-end (and might I add immoral) indulgences are fully on display at their snowy playground in the Alps. No wonder Epstein liked Davos so much! 

Xeratti @DanubusKa revealed that between 1995 and 2008, Jeffrey Epstein attended the WEF in Davos, Switzerland on at least seven occasions and he was even listed as a “Global Leader for Tomorrow” by the WEF in 2002.

The above headline in the Daily Mail is not satire, but rather reporting from last year’s conference. 

The New York Post provides a forward looking summary of this years bacchanal.

Davos’s party secrets: Caviar, magic mushrooms, champagne and A-list private concerts

Forget the fondue.

Caviar, magic mushrooms, gold-leaf desserts, A-list selfies, $2,500-per-night hookers and secret dinners are likely to be on the menu as scores of private jets touch down in Switzerland as soon as Sunday to bring the world’s elite to the small Alpine resort town of Davos for what’s officially known as The World Economic Forum 2024.

More than 3000 masters of the universe are expected to show up for the 54th annual event at the Alpine resort nestled in the snowy Landwasser valley.

“You can almost smell the magic of the place when you’re there,” a well-connected Davos regular told The Post.

“Everyone’s got an agenda and you never know who you’re going to run into when you come out of the restroom. It could be Bill Gates.

“You’re around some of the smartest people in the world but one thing you learn is that they’re not always so smart.”

However, a bit of comic relief is in order for those of us classified as useless eaters – courtesy of the Waterford Whisper News has the following satire:

The Attendees remarked how without Epstein this year’s conference just didn’t have the same excitement, with many thinking this might be the last time they go to Davos.

“Just feels a little too… absent of sex trafficking, y’know? Even the journalists this year aren’t enjoying it. Not one of them have even broken a story we’d consider killing them for”.

AFTER … pretending to give a shit about what Greta Thunberg had to say about the environment, emotional billionaires in attendance at Davos turned their focus to honouring friend, fixer and epic orgy organiser Jeffrey Epstein as the annual knees up drew to a close.

“Now that the laughable charade of the annual ‘invite someone to give out to us’ is over, we feel it’s only right to focus on remembering those no longer able to procure what we need and desire at short notice, no matter how illegal,” confirmed one attendee at the annual bank balance measuring contest.

While admitting no statue, no matter how large and grand, could do justice to the scale of things Epstein allowed rich people to indulge in and get away with, the sombre ceremony went some way to honouring their dearly departed friends’ lasting legacy.

“Wow, the sculptor did a great job, they really captured that hauntingly psychotic and evil glint in his eye. Fuck, I miss him,” added another billionaire, who was so upset he was thinking of skipping the seminar on how to better hide your assets offshore and disguise the fact you’re still massively investing in fossil fuels.

On a more serious note:

China’s premier Li Qiang is attending the WEF this year, and he addressed the opening ceremony. Funny how this isn’t hardly making the rounds in the American MSM. 

The contents of that speech aren’t available on the googleweb, but evidently China is sending a number of delegates to the WEF and also meeting with the Swiss government and other EU diplomats afterwards to discuss high-level “collaborations”. That has the US State Department in a tizzy. They too, are now demanding a “me too” special meeting with the Swiss. 

From Politico:

DAVOS, Switzerland — U.S. diplomats have been so worried about the size and intent of a Chinese delegation in Switzerland this week that they’re trying to arrange a meeting between Secretary of State Antony Blinken with a Swiss official while he’s in the country for the World Economic Forum.

The discussion about adjusting Blinken’s schedule — laid out in a State Department document obtained by POLITICO — appears designed to ensure that famously neutral Switzerland doesn’t feel jaded by Washington amid potential wooing by Beijing.

Huh? The logic of the meeting is so that Switzerland doesn’t feel “jaded” – or maybe a better word might be jilted… 

In any case, if I were going to speculate – sounds like China is working on a Pharma manufacturing deal with Switzerland and the good-ole USA doesn’t like the sound of that one bit.

The WEF came out with a DAVOS cheerleading video last week. Turns out it was just more fear porn. 

According to the Davos Annual Meeting video – above – the five biggest risks to the world are:

  1. Misinformation and disinformation
  2. Extreme weather events
  3. Societal polarization
  4. Cyber insecurity
  5. Interstate armed conflicts

The Davos production ends with the proclamation that 

“Environmental concerns dominate the top five risks over the next ten years”.

This list of top five risks is bizarre. The world is in the middle of two major wars, the middle east is about to implode, and the biggest risk during year’s 2024-25 is “Misinformation and disinformation” (AI generated, of course – because foreign interference is so yesterday)? Seems like maybe they have an hidden agenda? Or maybe Mr. Klaus Schwab is just truly paranoid.

The above video and the WEF website reference the “The Global Risks Report” which is a completely biased and methodologically flawed survey developed by the WEF. Basically the WEF selects 36 risks (methodology unknown), they then use their “network” of “multi-stakeholder” communities to rank the top five risks, out of the 36. 

So, the WEF handpicks the risks and then asks their network of handpicked responders (WEF affiliated, wealthy, globalists) to rank them. No selection bias there <insert sarcasm>. This survey then gets picked up as the “real deal” by main-stream-corporate Mockingbird media outlets. Re-enforcing whatever narratives the WEF wants to push. Yeh, but it is all about “rebuilding trust”, right?

Never forget that the CIA was deeply involved in creating the WEF.

A quick run-down of some of the items not on their list. 

  • War
  • Globalism
  • Excess Taxation
  • Election integrity
  • Open borders 
  • Influx of illegal immigrants
  • Socialism 
  • Communism
  • Green Imperialism

More from Klaus Schwab

The President and founder of WEF, the infamous communist-party man Klaus Schwab, recently came out with another of his infamously tone-deaf videos. This brief 30+ second clip is worth watching. 

His message is chilling. This man is leading a trade union which represents the thousand largest companies in the world (and their owners), and in turn is leveraging this to direct world leaders. He is the global champion of 21st century Corporatism, a form of techno-totalitarianism, which has its roots deeply embedded in the 20th century Fascism and Totalitarianism so clearly analyzed by Hannah Arendt

Or is it really merely all about the CCP directing Klaus?

This message is an assault on our very republic. Classic liberalism (which is often called libertarianism in the EU – it is hard not to get confused by the intentional weaponization of political terminology) is inscribed into almost every sentence of the US Constitution. And Klaus is clearly on record decrying the threat of “libertarianism” in the video clip above. 

The US must return to its roots as a constitutional republic. If we wish to survive as a nation, that means a return to small government . 

What we need is a return to less Federal government AND less taxation. 

The upside-down logic of Klaus needs to be challenged at every inflection point. The US government must stop sending delegates to the WEF to be coopted by their interests. 

Furthermore, we must all question why world leaders like Javier Milei, President of Argentina is not only attending, but giving a speech at Davos! My hope is that his speech cuts against the narrative to offer an alternative that includes an anti-globalist and anti-big government agenda. Remember that he self-identifies as an anarcho- capitalist economist. My fear is that he will offer platitudes of cooperation and a willingness to play along with the WEF agendas.


In other Davos news:

US Climate Czar Kerry is part of the U.S. delegation to the WEF in Davos next week – where he’ll expand the First Movers Coalition that Kerry founded. The First Movers Coalition is a public-private partnership (more fascism) launched by President Biden in partnership with the WEF at COP26. 

This investment fund is made up of 85+ of the world’s largest companies which are aligned behind 100+ specific (green energy) purchase commitments. These commitments total over $13 billion to fund emerging “clean fuels” and products. The largest commitment in world history to green energy. Enquiring minds want to know? What percent of that $13 billion is for the “big guy” and what percent for Kerry? How is the US government involved? 

From the US Dept of State Website:

Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry announced a major expansion of the First Movers Coalition, the public-private partnership to commercialize clean technologies through advance purchase commitments, on the initiative’s first anniversary.  Launched by President Biden in partnership with the World Economic Forum at COP26, the First Movers Coalition has expanded to include 65 companies, representing more than 10 percent of the global Fortune 2000 by market value, as well as ten government partners.  New corporate members include General Motors, PepsiCo, and Rio Tinto.

In addition, today the First Movers Coalition launched an unprecedented set of new commitments focused on cement and concrete – in which companies will purchase at least 10 percent near-zero carbon cement and concrete by 2030 – anchored by world-leading companies such as General Motors.  Cement and concrete make up 7 percent of global emissions today and are on track to reach 9 percent by 2050.  This ambitious set of purchasing commitments by First Movers Coalition members will create an early market to stimulate investment in the next generation of technologies needed to decarbonize cement and concrete.

In total, First Movers Coalition corporate members have pledged $12 billion, the world’s strongest demand signal, for bringing emerging innovations to scale.  These commitments will drive investment in next-generation clean steel, aluminum, and cement; near-zero carbon aviation fuels; zero-emission trucking and shipping; and carbon dioxide removal.  The companies that have stepped forward as First Movers will drive down the cost of emerging technologies and bring them to market this decade in order to decarbonize the sectors of the global economy that produce a third of global emissions.

According to one news story, the First Movers Coalition is now funding the largest corporations in the to world to “transform” agriculture – with a $20 billion investment fund.

I spent some time trying to determine who the CEO is for the First Movers Coalition, but even that seems unavailable. Heck, they don’t even have their own website!

Based on how little the public has been allowed to know about the First Movers Coalition, we can expect that whatever Kerry does at Davos 24 to expand the First Movers Coalition will be kept secret. 

For those who wish to take on a challenge, here are some questions:

  • What is the corporate structure of this organization? 
  • What nation is the organization located in?
  • What role does the US government have in it? 
  • Who is the CEO?
  • Are John Kerry and President Biden getting a percent of the fund’s investment portfolio?
  • Is John Kerry getting paid by the organization, and what is his position within the organization?