Friday Funnies: Sacred Cows

Friday Funnies: Sacred Cows

It’s all about the cash. Until it isn’t.


A month ago, we had a lot more chickens than we do now ( a certain hawk is getting very creative in her hunting techniques), and the eggs piled up on baskets in the kitchen. As the big incubator was empty, on a whim – we threw them all in. Sixty plus eggs in all. That was exactly three weeks ago.

Well, starting a couple of days ago -those eggs started to hatch and hatch and hatch. There is a total of 36 chicks so far. These chicks are all a breed called Whiting True Blue, which lays a blue egg and are prolific layers – so finding homes for the extra chicks should not be a problem. Another chore on the list though. But baby chickens are the best.

Today, we have to drive to Fredericksburg to attend an event in support of a true patriot, Cameron Hamilton, who is running for the Virginia Congress -7th district.

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