Gdzie jest płk. Dariusz Majchrzak? Czemu nie w Polsce? Żyje?

6 June 2022

As Russian-led forces advance through the Ukrainian defense in eastern Ukraine, more and more secrets of the Kiev regime are being revealed.

On May 6, documents of Polish Colonel Dariusz Majchrzak were found in the military positions left by the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the city of Severodonetsk. The documents confirm that NATO officer was deployed in Severodonetsk and now may be hiding in the Azot chemical plant.

Colonel Dariusz Majchrzak

In one of the premises left by the AFU in Severodonetsk, documents for the KIA Sorento car of Dariusz Majchrzak were found by Russian servicemen.

Colonel Dariusz Majchrzak is the Vice-Rector for Military Affairs of the War Studies University , ASzWoj, in Poland. He studied at the Officers’ Academy in Wroclaw, served in the 11th Armored Cavalry Division.

He has repeatedly participated in the organization and conduct of military exercises both at the national and international level. In 2005-2006, he served as a senior specialist of the Divisional Advisory and Training Group as part of the Polish military contingent in the Republic of Iraq.

His scientific researches are dedicated to the issues of national and international security. He studied modern threats, crisis management, mainly in the EU and in Poland.

It is still not clear if Colonel Dariusz Majchrzak was killed or if he is still in Severodonetsk, or if he left the city and Ukraine. The documents may be considered the first evidence of the participation of Polish military personnel in hostilities against Russia.


8 czerwca , po poł.: Podobno jednak jest [już ?? ]w Polsce:

“W poniedziałek płk Majchrzak uczestniczył w High Level Course w Warszawie, kursie przeznaczonym dla wyższych rangą pracowników cywilnych i wojskowych ministerstw obrony państw UE. Na zdjęciu z wydarzenia, które opublikowała na Twitterze Akademia, widać płk. Majchrzaka.,nId,6077246#utm_source=paste&utm_medium=paste&utm_campaign=firefox