Sunday Strip: All Experts Agree!

Sunday Strip: All Experts Agree!

That Joe Biden is not playing with a full deck.

Robert W Malone MD, MS Jul 07, 2024

According to Nate Silver of 538 fame, new modeling of the 2024 presidential electoral results has estimated Biden’s chances of winning the election at 28%, which Nate personally believes is too high…

Even though Biden’s chances have fallen considerably in our forecast — to 28 percent now from 35 percent before the debate — it’s still probably too optimistic. He likely isn’t capable of providing the sort of performance he needs to fully realize his chances of a comeback.

When pollster and modeler Nate Silver personally goes after the President, that is a clear indication that the democrat tide has turned.

Don’t let the door hit you on your way out, Mr. President…

This is the “Plan C” now being floated by operatives in the DNC:

  • Kamala Harris: President
  • Barack Obama: Vice-President

This option is allowed under the Constitution, as Obama just can’t serve a third presidential term. The only downside for Democrats is that the third-in-line for succession is the Speaker of the House…

In this meme from British cartoonist Bob Moran, former Tory PM Rishi Sunak is tossing the keys to the WEF wrecking ball to incoming Labor PM Keir Starmer.

This meme points out that Keir Starmer is basically replaying the agenda pioneered by former Labor PM Tony Blair (another WEF darling) when Blair tried to rebrand the Labor party as the “New Labor” Party.