Sunday Strip: Brain Dead. Memy

Sunday Strip: Brain Dead

Don’t believe your lying eyes. Truth and Reality are what we say they are.

Robert W Malone MD, MS Jun 30, 2024

We be heavy on the Biden memes today, cause that sh*t is everywhere!

They pretty much sum up the mood of the nation.

The House Judiciary Committee voted to hold Merrick Garland in contempt earlier this month over his refusal to comply with a subpoena “related to the investigation into President Biden’s handling of classified documents”, but the Justice Department declined to prosecute him.

The subpoena was for the transcript of audio tapes that the House Judiciary Committee received regarding Biden’s answers. Some believe that the transcript was adulterated to make Biden appear to not be “sundowning.”

Given what we all witnessed in the presidential debate, it is even more important that Congress be able to listen to these tapes. They have a duty to the country to do so.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is not directly part of the court system, Supreme Court or otherwise. The DOJ is a federal executive department responsible for enforcing federal laws and providing legal advice to the President and other government agencies.

House Republicans must insist that Merrick be arrested by the Sargent of Arms and that these tapes be turned over immediately. No attorney general should be above Congress.

Fact check:

Chickens don’t lay eggs. Don’t believe everything you see on the internet!

Yum. Peaches are ripening. Finally!

Have a great day folks!