Websites that help kids commit suicide must be stopped! 

Dear Prof. Miroslaw Dakowski,

At a school board meeting recently in Pennsylvania addressing an After School Satan Club, one concerned mother recounted the story of her daughter who was aided to commit suicide by a satanic website. Her daughter was walked through the steps by a person on the site.
How many sites are there like that? How many people have committed suicide because of sites like that? How can you fight them?
Please read:
Fighting Websites Designed to Make Young People Comfortable with Suicide11,440 signatures have been collected thanking a pro-life insurance company for doing the opposite of what most companies have been doing. Instead of helping their employees kill their children, Buffer Insurance is assisting their employees that choose life. Please help us reach our new goal of 14,000 by signing and sharing with your family and friends.
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Read the fascinating story of the Americanist heresy and the reaction to it.
Leo XIII Condemns AmericanismPhotoUntil next time, I remain
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Gary J. Isbell
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