Wielki sukces morderców ludzkości: A new lethal Ebola-like virus made by CCP’s bioweapon experts

A new lethal Ebola-like virus made by CCP’s bioweapon experts

Dr. Li-Meng Yan Tue Jun 11 The Voice of Dr. Yan

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In early May, the Daily Mail reported a recent study published by Chinese researchers on a new chimeric Ebola-like virus. The shocking results of that study include:

> Syrian hamsters infected with the Ebola-like virus died within two to three days.

> The infected hamsters develop uveitis, multi-organ failure, and severe systemic diseases resembling symptoms of human Ebola patients.

Those researchers proudly state that the study was conducted in BSL-2 labs. However, the study didn’t mention whether the new viruses would infect or replicate in human cells before working under BSL-2 conditions, which poses a potential risk to lab security and public health.

Moreover, by analyzing the study, the hidden information demonstrates that the Ebola-like virus from China is definitely a new gain-of-function product of CCP-PLA’s bioweapon program, which MUST be investigated by international society ASAP!

First of all, PLA’s Bioweapon General Xia Xian-Zhu (https://baike.baidu.com/item/夏咸柱/5164608) is the principal scientist in charge of the whole study. General Xia always downplays his military identity by using positions in military-civil fusion institutes to publish articles now. For example, in this study, his position is in the “Key Laboratory of Jilin Province for Zoonosis Prevention and Control, Changchun Veterinary Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences”. Actually, he is a decorated expert on zoonosis diseases and immunology in the 11th Institute (Veterinary Research) of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences (AMMS).

Meanwhile, Xia is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), which is the highest-level military-civil fusion academy in China, like the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Evidence shows that General Xia and many academicians of CAS and CAS have been deeply involved in COVID-19 virus development and the related information war (esp. fake nature-origin narrative and falsified data). (https://m.thepaper.cn/newsDetail_forward_10766393)

What other chimeric viruses have been constructed in this study? Besides the Ebola-like virus, those researchers also tested new recombinant viruses using glycoproteins (GP) from the lethal Sudan virus and Lassa virus. Though the death rates of the other two new viruses in this study are not as high as the Ebola-like virus, it doesn’t mean that the CCP-PLA researchers would stop “improving” chimeric Sudan-like or Lassa-like viruses in other bioweapon projects.

Tips: Case fatality rates of these hemorrhagic fever viruses:

Ebola virus: 25-90%
Sudan virus: 53-100%
Lasso virus: 1-15%

> Establishment and application of a surrogate model for human Ebola virus disease in BSL-2 laboratory

Furthermore, the Ebola-GP engineered in the new lethal virus is the full-length GP (Genbank NO. AF086833.2), which was originally studied by Soviet Union bioweapon scientists in the 1990s! According to NIH GenBank records, the Ebola GP (NO. AF086833.2) was repeatedly studied by a group of scientists from an important USSR bioweapon institute “State Research Centre of Virology and Biotechnology Vector, Institute of Molecular Biology, Koltsovo, Novosibirsk Region, Russia.” in 1993 (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/8482365/) and 1995 (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/8553543/).

Former scientific leader of USSR bioweapon program (Biopreparat complex) Dr. Kenneth Alibek has confirmed that the Koltsovo vector lab is very dangerous, working on virus-bioweapons.

Q: Does the Vector laboratory in Koltsovo (near Novosibirsk)—formerly part of the Biopreparat complex—intend to continue its research on pox viruses?

Alibek: Yes, and it’s very dangerous. Not because of Lev Sandakhchiev [the current director of Vector] but because of possible changes in the Russian government. When General Lebed was asked about the nuclear and biological capability of Russia, he replied that because the Russian Army is very weak, Russia needs these weapons to protect itself. So if General Lebed or somebody like him ever came to power, we would have a serious problem.”


Notably, after moving to a lab in Germany from the Koltsovo lab, the same bioweapon scientists (V E Volchkov, V A Volchkova, H D Klenk) continuously focused on functions of the same Ebola GP (Genbank NO. AF086833.2). In a paper titled “Processing of the Ebola virus glycoprotein by the proprotein convertase furin” in 1998, they were the first scientists to study Furin Cleavage Site (FCS) using the Ebola virus. Now, it’s well-known that the engineered FCS makes SARS-CoV-2 easily enter into human cells for infection.

“(Ebola) GP is cleaved by the proprotein convertase furin. This was indicated by the observation that cleavage did not occur when GP was expressed in furin-defective LoVo cells but that it was restored in these cells by vector-expressed furin … As a result of these observations, it should now be considered that proteolytic processing of GP may be an important determinant for the pathogenicity of Ebola virus.” (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/9576958/)

Why would CCP-PLA bioweapon experts focus on the same Ebola GP as the USSR bioweapon scientists?

By the way, CCP-PLA researchers claim that the study is beneficial for antibody and vaccine evaluation against Ebola virus.” In fact, developing vaccines and other countermeasures is a common pretext for bioweapon programs in communist regimes.

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