“Catholic” governor promotes “Satanic Abortion Ritual” [sic!]

09/03/23 John Horvat – Return to Order <returntoorder@returntoorder.org>

A “Catholic” governor has published resources referring people to abortion clinics…including one run by “The Satanic Temple,” which give instructions on how to practice an abortion ritual.
Governor Michelle Lujan-Grisham, of New Mexico, a self-professed Catholic, is an outspoken advocate for abortion. When the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wadelast year, Lujan-Grisham lamented the decision, and issued an executive order to protect abortionists in her state. This year, she provided an “abortion hotline” of available abortion clinics. One of these is The Satanic Temple’s abortion clinic, with instructions of how to practice a Satanic abortion ritual.
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According to reports:”…[In July 2023], New Mexico’s pro-abortion Governor Lujan-Grisham’s taxpayer funded abortion hotline was caught referring women to The Satanic Temple Health (TST Health) abortion clinic. New Mexico Alliance for Life released its findings through public records that the hotline is sending women to what is advertised as ‘the world’s first religious abortion clinic.’
“The pro-life groups released new records to LifeNews…confirming Lujan-Grisham’s taxpayer funded abortion hotline continues referring women to the Satanic abortion business.” ‘…New Mexico Alliance for Life obtained additional documents from an open records request from the New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH), further confirming the fact that the state’s taxpayer-funded abortion hotline is still promoting The Satanic Temple Health (TST Health) ritual abortion clinic,’ the group told LifeNews. ‘The original document obtained late July by NMAFL from NMDOH, via the Inspection of Public Records Act, lists ‘TST Health’ along with TST Health’s website for ‘The Satanic Temple Health’ ritual abortion clinic. In fact, NMAFL sent clarifying requests to NMDOH about ‘TST Health’ on July 17, 2023 and received not only a list of abortion referral centers but confirmation directly from NMDOH Custodian of Records about TST Health.’ “
(Source: LifeNew.com; emphasis added)
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The resources take people to The Satanic Temple’s page, that includes instructions for a “Satanic Abortion Ritual.” The ritual makes a woman affirm her decision to abort her child before and after she has performed the act.How can Gov. Lujan-Grisham claim to be Catholic when she not only supports abortion, but also promotes literal Satanic rituals to kill children?
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