Friday Funnies: Biden has fallen – and he can’t get up.

Friday Funnies: Biden has fallen

and he can’t get up.

Robert W Malone MD, MS Jun 28, 2024

CNN is shocked. Shocked, I tell you!

The rest of us, not so much…

But Jill knows that the debate went great!



At this point, does anyone else think that this is elder abuse?

It is definitely time for the 25th amendment to kick in…

The President’s cabinet must fulfill one of the most important duties, which is making the obvious decision to notify Congress that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of the office.

Jill’s presidency could be defined as “ignorant with initiative”

At this point, Joe Biden is nothing more than the village idiot. But Jill Biden—she is an “ignorant person with initiative,” as described by Napoleon (see the meme above). She has seized the reigns of power, and the Cabinet has a duty to ensure that the next seven months are free from the dangers of having an imbecile as President and his wife, who was not elected, acting as Commander-in-Chief.

Of course, as Biden’s support crumbles nationwide, so do the chances of Democrats maintaining the majority in the Senate and not falling even more behind in the House.

Now, the pressure is on to replace him. At this point, with the acting Commander-in-Chief (Jill) Biden as the president, she has no plans to let him go “quietly into the night.”

Hence, the 25th Amendment is the only viable solution for the Democrat party.

Politico is advocating for an open convention

This is not a good look.

The alarm bells for Democrats started ringing the second Biden started speaking in a haltingly hoarse voice. Minutes into the debate, he struggled to mount an effective defense of the economy on his watch and flubbed the description of key health initiatives he’s made central to his reelection bid, saying “we finally beat Medicare” and incorrectly stating how much his administration lowered the price of insulin. He talked himself into a corner on Afghanistan, bringing up his administration’s botched withdrawal unprompted. He repeatedly mixed up “billion” and “million,” and found himself stuck for long stretches of the 90-minute debate playing defense.

And when he wasn’t speaking, he stood frozen behind his podium, mouth agape, his eyes wide and unblinking for long stretches of time.

But the Politico article actually doesn’t explain how this could happen. Biden has an estimated 1,866 delegates out of the 1,968 needed to clinch the Democratic nomination. Therefore, it seems rather naive.

How long before the White House blames CNN for Biden’s performance?

What will tomorrow’s headline from the White House be?

Karine Jean-Pierre: “The debate was shot at all the wrong angles to make the president less presidential. CNN has a lot of explaining to do!”

What will they think of next?

Just blame it all on “a cold.”

Rumor has it that the dem operatives called every media outlet to tell them to say Biden has a cold, and so this debate and his dementia don’t really count. This is now the talking point, being dutifully repeated.

(It must have taken an enormous number of botox injections to get “that look!”)

This circles back around to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., waiting not so patiently in the wings.

The Democrat party would be crazy not to give Kennedy a second look and put him on the ticket as VP, as Kamala will have to go on as the Presidential candidate.

But wait, they can’t do that!

Cause RFKennedy Jr scares the pants off of the fascist-globalist private-partnerships (G3P) and their intelligence community attack dogs. Who are the ones who will actually decide what happens to Biden in the coming months.

Never forget :