Here’s the Weakest (and Strongest) Point in the Abortion Debate

Here’s the Weakest (and Strongest) Point in the Abortion Debate

by John Horvat IIJanuary 10, 2024 the-weakest-and-strongest-point-in-the-abortion-debate

The case of an expectant mother in Texas who demanded an abortion for health reasons focuses on a vital point of the abortion debate. It is not the case here to enter into the medical details of the mother’s claim or judge her motives for the abortion she eventually secured.

By focusing on the vulnerable state of a pregnant mother with non-life-threatening health issues, the pro-abortion movement hopes to use an extraordinary case to establish a general dispensation to kill innocent children. Pro-abortion activists think these exceptional cases are the weak point of the pro-life cause.

They think the “vulnerable” point of true pro-lifers is their intransigence on abortion, no matter how emotional, sensational, or truly tragic the case might be, as can be seen in the Texas case.

Indeed, the central issue of the abortion debate revolves around the consent to the single murder of an unborn child. This position defines both sides.

Portraying Pro-lifers as Cruel

Abortion promoters think that they can win the debate by exploiting the emotional impact of these cases to showcase the “cruelty” of those defending life. They will appeal to the moderates who will tolerate abortion in these cases and turn them against pro-lifers as too radical. Finally, the abortion promoters will try to shake the convictions of the pro-lifers who might be wavering.

Considering all the harm that cases like these can inflict on the pro-life cause, it is easy to see why many might think this intransigent defense of life to be the movement’s weak point.

There is no weak point, as long as prolifers explain this intransigence well.

The Greatest Strength, Not Weakness

Contrary to what pro-abortionists think, this determination to defend innocent human life no matter what represents the movement’s greatest strength, not its weakness.

This commitment gives the pro-life movement its dynamism and supernatural character. The Christian notion of human life is that each person exists to know, love and serve God in this earth and be happy with Him in the next life. This vision is contrary to the liberal view that sees life as a means to reach personal fulfillment by gratifying the passions—even at the expense of others, especially the unborn.

Thus, the greatest purpose and happiness in life consists in following God’s law and avoiding evil—difficult though it may be.

The minute prolifers accept the death of one innocent child like that of the Texas case, the logic and coherence of their position break, and the entire cause is lost.

Pro-lifers will only be strong when they recognize the value of human life and do everything possible to see that the person is given the conditions to glorify God and follow His law.

Thus, this strong yet vulnerable point must be defended, come what may. The overthrow of Roe v. Wade was won by the pro-lifers who refused to bend before those who proposed weakness and compromise. They resisted the temptation to give in, even a little, and take the easy path. They must continue to do so now.

Making All Life Vulnerable

Pro-abortionists are weak and vulnerable against this intransigence. It forces them to take an untenable position of admitting that taking an innocent life must be permitted.

Once a defenseless and innocent life is sacrificed on the altar of convenience, pleasures and “freedom,” all “inconvenient” life, born and unborn, is vulnerable.

Thus, the pro-abortion movement necessarily moves to accept abortion until birth—and even after. It necessarily supports assisted suicide and euthanasia. It is entirely consistent with its radical worldview to impose itself upon society with great cruelty, persecuting all who disagree with the most extreme excesses.

A Battle of No Exceptions

All totalitarian societies support radical abortion since such regimes can only come to power when human life has no value and can be brutally suppressed.

Thus, the value of innocent human life is the central issue of the abortion debate, presenting strengths and weaknesses on both sides.

Both sides must make intransigent decisions with radical consequences follow. On the one side, the firm resolution to protect the intrinsic value of all innocent life in every circumstance keeps all life safe. Conversely, the obsession to gratify the passions over all other considerations spares no one who stands in the way.

Both sides are built upon no exceptions. For pro-lifers, all innocent human life finds protection behind allowing no exceptions for procured abortion. For pro-abortionists, the single acceptance of murder opens the floodgates of death that eventually knows no exceptions.

This is the central issue of the abortion debate. All other considerations, like the sensational Texas case, are sideshows that the pro-abortion movement uses to advance its grim cause, shamelessly raise money, and challenge abortion bans.

Such shows should be denounced for what they are: a direct attack upon innocent human life created to glorify God by following His law.