Let’s Extinguish the Fires of Jewish Supremacy… …before they burn down the world

Let’s Extinguish the Fires of Jewish Supremacy…

…before they burn down the world

Kevin Barrett • December 17, 2023


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State Department whistleblower J. Michael Springmann and I began this week’s False Flag Weekly News with a musically-doctored video of Polish MP Grzegorz Braun taking a fire extinguisher to a Menorah candelabra. As Mark Dankof writes: “Find his actions either amusing, inspiring, or appalling, Braun has hit a raw nerve in the West in the wake of the impending closure of the Zelensky Circus in Kiev and the genocidal numbers being amassed in Israel’s war on Palestinians in Gaza.”

Braun hit a raw nerve by provoking dialectical tension between those who find his act amusing/inspiring, and those who find it appalling. To those of us who are amused, the fact that the hectoring hegemons of Jewish Supremacy are appalled at our amusement, furiously insisting that we absolutely must not laugh, makes it even funnier.

The Jews of Poland, naturally, were the first to condemn Braun and his fans:

On December 12, 2023, MP Grzegorz Braun of the Konfederacja party attacked the Hannukah menorah, symbol of the joyful Jewish holiday, during a debate on the establishment of a new Polish government. This shameful attack is not the first incident involving this politician, who does not hide his antisemitic views.

(It goes on like this for several paragraphs.)

Jewish-dominated Western media naturally agree that Braun is a bigot and that his actions were shameful and indefensible. At first glance, they seem to have a point. Violently attacking a religious symbol, under normal circumstances, would certainly qualify as bigotry (and, to the adherents of the religion in question, blasphemy.) Even Braun’s defenders would no doubt admit that if he had gone around kicking in doors of private houses or synagogues, barging into houses of worship or living rooms, and dousing Menorah candles with a fire extinguisher, he would have been committing an abhorrent and unfunny crime.

But by dousing the official Menorah candelabra in the Polish House of Parliament during the formation of a new government, Braun was not attacking the Jewish religion per se. He was, instead, symbolically extinguishing the fires of hatred burning in the heart of the West’s new hegemonic religion: Jewish Supremacy.

Braun succeeded in raising the million-dollar question: What was that lit-up Menorah doing in the Polish parliament building in the first place? There are only about 4500 Jews among Poland’s 38 million people. That works out to .012 percent of the population.

More than 90% of Poles are Catholics. Obviously most of them are not fans of Talmudic Judaism, which calls Jesus a b**d, his mother Mary a w**e, and claims the former is boiling in excrement for all eternity.

So how in the world did Poland’s minuscule Jewish community manage to impose that Menorah on the Polish parliament? The answer, in two words, is: Jewish power. The global nepotism network of Jewish billionaires and millionaires, backed by the power not only of the state of Israel but also its vassal in Washington, DC, is quite capable of using carrots and sticks to drive the donkeys of Poland wherever it wants them to go.

Jewish power backs the West’s new quasi-official state religion: Jewish Supremacy. Its core notion is that Jewish suffering means more than other people’s suffering, because (as the Talmud teaches) Jewish life is more valuable than non-Jewish life.

The archetypal sacred story of the Jewish Supremacy religion is, of course, The Holocaust (TM). It implicitly places the suffering of the alleged six million Jewish victims above the suffering of the other 60 million people killed during World War II.

The word myth means “sacred narrative that unites a group and gives life meaning.” Obviously, The Holocaust (TM) is a myth. Yet according to a poll cited by The Economist, only one in five young Americans realizes that it is a myth.

Christianity tells a vivid story about suffering (Jesus on the cross) that imbues life with meaning (he was divine and died for our sins then was resurrected, so we should seek salvation in him). Holocaustianity, that sub-creed of the Jewish Supremacy religion, substitutes the Jewish people for Jesus, gas chambers for the cross, and the state of Israel for the risen Christ as the one true path to salvation.

The notion that most Jews today worship “the Jewish people” (i.e. themselves) rather than God is not a marginal anti-Semitic canard, but the sober conclusion of Jewish Studies professors like those I collaborated with in my edited book 9/11 and American Empire v.2. The Holocaust, they say, made belief in God impossible. Rather than turning to God for protection and salvation, the thinking goes, Jews must turn to Jewish power in general, and the state of Israel in particular.

Today, that sacred state of Israel is demonstrating Jews’ worship of Jewish life, and contempt for non-Jewish life, by wantonly slaughtering the women and children of Gaza by the tens of thousands. What makes this ongoing massacre even more horrific from a normal human point of view, though perhaps more delicious from a Holocaustianity-driven Jewish Power perspective, is that the Palestinians being crucified are in fact the People of Jesus.

Though most people, aside from conspiracists like Dan Brown, agree that Jesus left no descendants, clearly he was Palestinian. That means that today’s Palestinians, who converted to Christianity and Islam down through the centuries, are descendants of Jesus’s relatives. So Sarah Silverman’s only half-joking remark “I hope the Jews did kill Jesus, I’d do it again in a second!” is all too apropos. They are doing it again, in Gaza, practically every second. Every Palestinian child who expires slowly in agony under the rubble of what had been her home is another baby Jesus dying on the cross of Jewish Supremacy. And the Jewish supremacists know it, and relish that baby’s pain.

This Jewish supremacist hatred of non-Jewish babies and their mothers, especially the babies and mothers who are the descendants of Jesus’s people, drives the efforts of Jewish arch-secularists to ban nativity scenes in Christian countries. But for some reason these same secularists never seem to object to the National Menorah in the White House, which has been growing in size since 1979 and is now 30 feet high. That monument to the Jewish Supremacy religion, the real official religion of the occupied USA, was the product of a campaign by the rabidly supremacist rabbi Menachem Schneerson to impose Jewish symbols on public spaces. It’s worth noting that Schneerson, though Orthodox, agreed with the atheist “liberal” Jews that the one and only legitimate object of worship is the Jewish people: “God and the Jewish people are one.”

By forcing the world to worship them, and making criticism blasphemy, Jewish supremacists have come to dominate American media, finance, politics, and of course foreign policy. They are committing Biblical-scale genocide against the “seed of Amalek” (i.e. non-Jews) in Ukraine—which has lost more than 14 million people, almost all Slavic Christians whom Jews view as their traditional enemies, since the current war began. Half a million Slavic Christians on both sides have been killed.

The neocon Jewish Supremacists running US foreign policy, and their blood brothers in Tel Aviv, are exterminating “Amelek” in Palestine even more brutally than in Ukraine. So far more than 20,000 Palestinians, mainly women and children, have been killed. Food, water, and electricity have been cut off, sewage treatment facilities destroyed, hospitals blown to bits, and the vast majority of Gaza’s remaining 2.2 million people rendered homeless, their houses and apartments blown up, in time for the cold winter rains.

How can we push back? Once we recognize that Jewish Supremacy functions as a religion, we can attack it by blaspheming against its sacred symbols. A myth (sacred story) only retains its sacrality if everyone is forced to accept it. Once it has been sufficiently mocked and derided, and its idols smashed, it loses its power.

Ironically, the iconoclasm that Douglas Rushkoff sees as the Jews’ biggest contribution to humanity now needs to be turned against today’s Jews and their grotesque, narcissistic, idolatrous, genocidal false religion of Jewish Supremacy. That false religion is burning down the world. The flames are spreading, from Ukraine to Palestine, and might erupt into a global conflagration at any moment. Will todays younger people, including the rising numbers of non-supremacist Jews, be up to the task? Recent poll numbers are encouraging: “51% of young Americans believe the Israeli state should be ‘ended’…Two-thirds of 18-to 24-year-olds in the Harvard-Harris poll said they agree that ‘Jews as a class are oppressors and should be treated as oppressors.’”

Like Abraham grabbing an axe and smashing the idols of his fathers, today’s young people need to pick up a fire extinguisher and put out the flames of Jewish Supremacism before they burn down the world.