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Autopsy Confirms 26-Year-Old’s Death From Myocarditis Directly Caused by Pfizer COVID Vaccine

In an exclusive interview with The Defender, Joseph Keating’s mother said her son’s only warning signs were fatigue, muscle soreness and an increased heart rate, yet an autopsy confirmed he died of myocarditis directly caused by Pfizer’s COVID vaccine.

A 26-year-old South Dakota man who died Nov. 12, 2021, of myocarditis — four days after his booster dose of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine — had no idea he was experiencing a rare and supposedly “mild” heart problem after the shot.

Joseph Keating’s only warning signs were fatigue, muscle soreness and an increased heart rate, family members said.

In an exclusive interview with The Defender, Joseph’s father, mother and sister said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has not investigated Joseph’s death,.

The CDC also did not contact the pathologist who performed the autopsy or request the documents which confirmed Joseph’s death was caused by the Pfizer vaccine.

According to the autopsy report and certificate of death, Joseph died from severe heart damage from “myocarditis in the left ventricle due to the recent Pfizer COVID-19 booster vaccine.”

Joseph’s mother, Cayleen, said her son was pro-vaccine and worked in an environment where he needed to be vaccinated. According to Joseph’s vaccination cards, he received his first Pfizer shot on March 26, 2021, and the second dose on April 16.

Cayleen said her son, who didn’t experience any negative adverse events after the first two doses, received a third booster dose on Nov. 8, 2021.


On Friday morning, he told his mother he would have to call into work again because he was too exhausted to go in. Cayleen visited Joseph and said he appeared to be normal, other than fatigue and muscle soreness.

“He wasn’t really acting sick, just exhausted,” she said.

Cayleen, a critical care nurse of 35 years, took her son’s vitals and noted his temperature was up to 100.2 and his heart rate was elevated to 112. She thought it was related to the fever, so she gave him Tylenol.

Later that day, Joseph texted his mother that his fever was down. By 4:30 p.m., his oxygen was at 100%, but his heart rate was still elevated.

Joseph’s father, William, visited his son around 5 p.m. and they had dinner. William left at 6 p.m. Two hours later their son was dead.

[—][Dalej dla medyków, też o trudnościach , przeszkodach z wpisaniem do VAERS. MD]

Autopsy confirms Joseph died of myocarditis…

CDC ignores reports of death caused by myocarditis..

Expert dismisses death due to resolved pre-existing condition

No recourse for people injured by COVID vaccines, family living worst nightmare

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Vanessa Romano – Pfizer Autumn 2021

Died on 10th January 2022

Aged Just 13

Written by Venessa’s mother Alice Romano, who wants the world to know about her daughter’s story:

On 9th January 2022 Alice wrote: “I come to alert all mothers that my daughter is dying because of thePfizer Vaccine. She is 13 years old.”

“A beautiful girl full of life is dying because of this wretched Vaccine. I don’t wish the suffering I’m going through on any mother. Take a good look at these pictures and see what this disgrace of a Vaccine did to my girl.”

On the 10th January 2022 we had the terrible news that Venessa had died and Alice wrote: “My daughter just died because of the Pfizer Vaccine!”


Weverton Silva – Pfizer 25th August 2021

Died 8th October 2021 from a Heart Attack at just 13 years of age, 44 days post Vaccine



Weverton Silva, just 13 years old, received his Pfizer Vaccine on August 25th 2021 and suffered multiple symptoms shortly afterwards. He collapsed and died on October 8th 2021 inside a clinic in the urban area of Vale do Anari. His sudden death was a result of a cardiac arrest and is now under investigation.

The shocking video shows doctors and bystanders trying to resuscitate him for several minutes, but he didn’t respond.

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Zawodnik MMA Miroslav Strbak (19-10-1, 15 KO) podczas treningu doznał zawału serca i trafił do szpitala. Lekarze walczą o życie 32-letniego sportowca.

Do zdarzenia doszło we wtorek w Bratysławie. Miroslav Strbak trenował w Octagon Fighting Academy. W pewnym momencie jednak zasłabł.

Według informacji serwisu, sportowiec przeszedł zawał serca. Zawodnik MMA został przetransportowany do szpitala.

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